sock yarn hatI picked up the sock yarn hat pattern at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store. It was a freebie sitting in front of the Sensations Soles & More sock yarn.

Download the pattern. See my notes below for adjustments.

I had sock yarn in my stash, Deborah Norville Collection: Serenity to be exact, and decided to use it. This hat is made with one skein of Thyme DN104-01. I used number 2 needles (circular and double-pointed). I altered the pattern for the decreases at the top. The pattern suggested a knit row between every decrease row. I did that only half way through the reduction process. Additionally, I changed up the pattern on the ear flaps. After 4 rows of seed stitch, I moved to straight knit stitch for the decrease rows.

I think this is a very fun hat. I have another skein of this yarn and I think I’ll make a skinny scarf to match. There is a pattern for a scarf along with the hat pattern, but I’ll likely change it up, like I do everything else.

I doubt I’ll ever knit another hat with sock yarn as it takes a long time to knit, but I do like the patterning that the yarn provides.

One more thing, “It ain’t easy being the model and the photographer.” One can’t do it without feeling like a complete nerd.