Crocheted Hearts
Do you want to send your friends and family something special for Valentine’s Day? Crochet valentines / hearts. I used a modified version of the heart pattern found in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of Crochet Today. The crochet hearts in the magazine are coasters. They are larger (12 rows and edging) and do not include a hole in the center. Here are my variations on the pattern to make a hanging heart valentine.

Crochet Hearts Pattern

  • To begin – Row 1: Ch 2, 6 sc in ring – 6sc. (this creates the hole in the center)
  • Work ONLY rows 2-7 of the pattern found in the magazine. See magazine clip below.
  • After completing row 7: you’ll need to finish the edges between the two humps at the top of the heart. I picked up stitches to single crochet. I just eye-balled the hearts to judge the number of stitches. Bind off after you’ve smoothed out the humps.
  • I used Sugar ‘n Cream Pinky Stripes yarn, which you can find at nearly every yarn outlet. I picked up the ribbon at the same store where I purchased the yarn.
  • I delicately washed and blocked the hearts and that gave them a nice firm shape.

crochet hearts pattern

I plan to mail my sweeties each a heart. The perfect packaging can be found at Staples – anti-static CD/Disk Mailers. I like these because they are constructed of light cardboard. Also, they’re the perfect size and you can decorate the outside of the envelope (I used a fine point Sharpie pen.). I also plan to cover the “caution” text with valentine-themed stickers. UPDATE: The cost to mail one “package” is $1.22.

You can find some cute valentine images here. You can also download vintage valentine images to create your own cards.

Packaging for Crocheted Valentine's Day Hearts