crochet cluster stitch baby blanketI like crocheting, rather than knitting blankets (for babies or adults), because crocheting is so much faster. For this blanket I used the cluster stitch. This stitch creates a lovely lace-like look.

I’ve provided the crochet baby blanket pattern below the video from Crochet Geek. Watch this video to learn how to crochet the cluster stitch.


Materials Used:


  • Chain 84 (multiple of 3)
  • Row 1: Make the first cluster in the 5th chain from the hook. the first 3 chains count as a double crochet. Work a V cluster part 1, chain 2, work V cluster part 2 in the same chain space. Skip 2 chains, work a V cluster in the next chain – repeat across. Double crochet in the last double crochet. (You should have 27 clusters.)
  • Row 2: Chain 3, turn, work a V cluster in each chain 2 space (that’s the center of the previous clusters) across. Finish with a double crochet in the last stitch which is chain 3 of the previous row.
  • Repeat for length of project.*
  • For border, double crochet around entire blanket with 2 double crochet stitches in the corners.

*Note: My finished blanked is 30 x 35 inches.

detail for cluster stitch crochet baby blanket