the Author of ImagineMechanix
I’m a creative gal living and working in Texas and the author of ImagineMechanix. I’m also the mother of one very brilliant male child (naturally, I’m biased); an owner of cats; a cultivator of gardens; a knitter and crocheter, a writer and artist; an avid film fan; and a sometimes chef.

I have a Master of Humanities in Literature and have instructed college freshmen in the art of writing. Before I acquired a Master of Arts degree (with a specialty in literature) from The University of Texas, I snared a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the same system. I’m a marketing propagandist by profession.

* * * * * * * * *

My favorite artists are Henri Matisse, Gustav Klimt, Joan Miro, Edward Hopper, and David Hockney.

I have many favorite authors; a partial list includes: Jane Austen, Graham Greene, Herman Melville, the Bronte sisters, George Orwell, and George R.R. Martin (Finish the series George!). I have a very strong preference for British literature.

Classical music that moves me to tears includes Mozart’s Requiem and Beethoven’s Symphony #9. I also enjoy the work of Saint-Saens. I like a variety of contemporary musical artists. Lately, I’ve been listening to Broadway musical productions. I’m also really fond of Big Band, Disco, and contemporary dance music!

I prefer British films to American films. British TV programs are better too. I’d be lost without BBC America and PBS. That said, I do think the best and most under-rated program on TV is The Good Wife. For heaven’s sake, it’s produced under Ridley Scott, and the actors are all fabulous.